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But What About the Secret Gospels?

Turkish Title: Kayıp İnciller

Original Title: The Missing Gospels

Author: Darrell L. Brock

ImageUnearthing the Truth Behind Alternative Christianities.

New Testament expert Darrell Brock, in an easy-to-understand writing style, helps readers examine the claims about missing "secret" gospels and other early forms of Christianity. Brock presents extra-biblical materials and compares them to biblical texts, enabling readers to make their own judgments.

In The Missing Gospels Darrell Brock responds to the furour caused by the recent discovery of various Gnostic gospels and early religious writings. Those discoveries have led to claims that these gospels and religious texts have been suppressed or discounted by the church. Some scholars claim that the Christianity that exists today is not based on truth, and that we need to give credence to the various alternative understandings of Christianity.

What are we to make of these claims? Is it true that Jesus wasn't who we think he is? Do we need to make radical changes to the Bible? In a nutshell, Brock says no. The early church was aware of these alternative books, and gave them short shrift. After reading Brock's book, we know why.

He examines in detail the findings of Nag Hammadi. Brock carefully contrasts writings like the Gospel of Thomas with the canonical gospels and the writings of the early church fathers, and shows why they were rightly rejected by the early Christian church. He explains the debated doctrines, such as Christ's divinity, one by one, and defends the historical accuracy of the Biblical teaching.

Brock rejects the claims made by the new school that we need to redefine and remake Christianity in light of the Gnostic teachings. Given how much hype has been made about these so-called missing gospels, this book-length rebuttal is perfect: it is scholarly yet easy to understand. It is a welcome antidote to current attacks on the Bible and early church history.

Brock sums up the evangelical perspective as he challenges the idea that orthodoxy "emerged" at all. Rather, he argues, it survived many challenges during the early centuries because it best reflected the thoughts and teachings of Jesus and the apostles. The author takes on those scholars who want to reinterpret Christianity in light of early Gnostic teachings that denied the Trinity and spiritualized the gospel stories into myths.

Brock recognizes this is pretty sophisticated stuff, and offers the reader a helpful chapter outlining times, names and ideas, providing a useful framework for the rest of his book. Brock provides a lively and readable survey of competing beliefs in Christianity's earliest days.


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