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Reliability of Scripture

Scripture Under a Magnifying Glass

Turkish Title: İslam İkliminde Kutsal Kitaplar

Translation of Title: Scripture in a Muslim Region

Author: İhsan Özbek

Image Reliability of scripture - addressing Muslim concerns. 

This is a book written about God's book. The author is a Christian who believes that every word in the Bible is inspired by God, and so he respects people of every religion. Although he disagrees with Muslims on a number of points concerning faith his aim is not to win an argument, but by presenting data and true information to develop a new theological relationship with people living in Muslim countries.

Having Confidence in the Gospels

Turkish Title: Müjdeler'e Güvenebilir Miyiz?

Original Title: Can We Trust the Gospels?

Author: Mark D. Roberts

Image Attacks on the historical reliability of the Gospels—especially their portrayal of Jesus Christ—are nothing new. But are these attacks legitimate? Is there reason to doubt the accuracy of the Gospels? By examining and refuting some of the most common criticisms of the Gospels, author Mark D. Roberts explains why we can indeed trust the Gospels, nearly two millennia after they were written.

Would God Allow His Word To Change

Turkish Title: Tevrat ve İncil'in Değişmezliği

Translation of Title: The Unchangeable Nature of the Bible

Author: İskender Cedid

Image"As one who believes in God, his books and his prophets, could I possibly act in contraventions of all the spiritual blessings, the promises of salvation, risk losing eternal life by changing His Word? As for those who don't believe, it is impossible for them to have changed it? Even if they could, they would have had to have destroyed all the existing copies and all of the Christians at that time would have had to just passively watched!"

The Relevance of the Bible

Turkish Title:  Tanrı Tarih ve Kutsal Kitap

English Title: God, History and the Bible

Author:  M. Ali Şimsek

ImageThis small booklet summarizes Gods' plan and messages throughout history. It goes through the Bible chronologically, explaining the importance of events like fall, Moses, the prophets, and Jesus' ministry, providing a good introduction to the Bible and emphasizing the Bible's relevance to today.

The Canon of Scripture

Turkish Title:  Kutsal Yazı Kanonu 

Original Title:  The Canon of Scripture

Author:  F.F. Bruce


ImageWinner of two Christianity Today Awards: Readers' Choice and a ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner!

How did the books of the Bible come to be recognized as Holy Scripture? Who decided what shape the canon should take? What criteria influenced these decisions? After nearly nineteen centuries the canon of Scripture still remains an issue of debate.


Has the Bible Been Changed?

Turkish Title:  Kutsal Kitap Değiştirildi Mi?

Original Title:  Has the Bible Been Changed?

Author:  Daniel Wickwire


ImageIn this succinct book, Daniel Wickware provides satisfying answers to many of the questions raised about the truthfulness of the Scriptures.  He covers topics like the Iznik Council, what the Qur'an says about the Bible, what the Bible says about itself, and the information provided by recent archeological discoveries.