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Philosophy and Faith

Turkish Title:  Filozoflar ve İnanç

Original Title:  Thinking About Faith

Author:  David Cook

ImageDavid Cook takes an in-depth look at different philosophies and the ideas behind them in his book Thinking About Faith.

He explores the relationship between philosophy and religion, and deals with questions about faith, Christianity and philosophy.  Without getting lost in fine distinctions, Cook gives detailed explanations of current and ancient philosphies and the main ideas behind them. 

You Don't Have to Suspend Your Mind to Have Faith

Turkish Title: İnanmanın Nedeni 

Original Title: Reason to  Believe

Author: R. C. Sproul

ImageDo Christians have good answers for the really tough questions? 

Dr. R. C. Sproul believes they do. Believing doesn't mean that you suspend your intellect, stop thinking, and just have faith in a set of stories that don't make sense. It is possible to use your mind and believe at the same time.


Twisting The Truth

Turkish Title: Gerçekleri Saptıranlar

Original Title: Those Who Twist the Truth

Author: İsa Karataş 


ImageIn the current information age, it has become easier to discover the truth.  But at the same time, we live in a time when the truth has been hidden. 

This book reveals the ways in which the media - be it newspapers, magazines, books, radio or television - has buried important information about Christianity.

Why Does God Let People Suffer?

Turkish Title: Şifa

Original Title: Authority to Heal

Author: Ken Blue

Image Do you know someone who is very sick? Someone you loved who has died and shouldn't have?

Many of us wonder why people develop terminal diseases, die young, or suffer needlessly. If there is a God why would He let this happen, especially to good people?

Who is Jesus?

Turkish Title: Marangozdan Da Öte

Original Title: More Than a Carpenter

Author: Josh McDowell

ImagePreviously a skeptic who beieved all Christians were "out of their minds", Josh McDowell tells his story of coming to faith in Jesus. In easy to understand language, he investigates the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus using reason and historical evidence. Readers are invited to think through the facts and deal with the deity of Jesus.

Proof for the Resurrection

Turkish Title: Diriliş Gerçeği

Original Title: Evidence for the Resurrection

Author: Josh McDowell

Image A single event in the history provides the backbone of the Christian faith - the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Scholars and skeptics have much debated the entirety of this phenomenon. Josh McDowell and his son Sean address this debate with clarity and reason, dealing with the facts, the evidence, and the implications of the resurrection.