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Gift Book About Heaven

Turkish Title: Bana Cenneti Anlat

Original Title: Tell Me About Heaven

Author: Randy Alcorn

ImageTen-year-old Jake struggles to understand his grandma's death. But as he spends two weeks at his grandfather's home, he is able to receive answers to his questions about Heaven.

As Jake and Grandpa fish, watch the stars, and take long walks, Grandpa shares what the Bible says about the reality and beauty of Heaven.

Nehemiah the Wall Builder

Turkish Title: Nehemya Çalışma Kitabı

Translation of Title: Nehemiah Workbook

Author: Rhonda Wiest

ImageWorkbook prepared for Kucak's summer camp, this lively activity book for ages 8 to 11 teaches children about Nehemiah.

With stories to read, pictures to colour and many puzzles to solve.

Also includes memory verses .

The Kingdom of God and the Church

Turkish Title: Tanrı'nın Krallığı

Translation of Title: The Kingdom of God

Author: Robert E Lynn

ImageFrom the Reform Seminar Notes series, this time Robert Lynn deals with the importance of the Kingdom of God for the Church, and the relationship between the Kingdom of God and the Church.

Turkish pastor İlhan Keskinöz comments: "This book encourages us to think about what it means to live as the citizens of a different kingdom, and to reveal the (currently) unseen kingdom by the way we live our lives, so that God may be exalted in our words and our deeds." 

What We Can Learn from the Life of Daniel

Turkish Title: Daniel: Tanrı'nın Mutlak Yetkisi

Translation of Title: Daniel: God's Absolute Authority

Author: Hakan Konur

Image Hakan Konur, from İskenderun Church, presents us with a short commentary covering each chapter of the book of Daniel. 

The prophet Daniel truly lived an extraordinary life of faith and trust in God. His life can be a great example for our own life of faith. But the thing we must learn from the book is that "God has absolute authority".


A comparison between Muhammad and Christ

Turkish Title: Günahsız Olan Var Mı?

Original Title: Ist Jemand Ohne Sünde?

Author: Abdul Mesih

Image This book poses an important question: "Is anyone without sin?" It then goes on to present the gospel, in Muslim-sensitive language, as it answers the question.

Successive chapters compare Muhammad and Christ: birth, their relationship to God, what we know about their sinlessness, their miracles and their deaths.

Finally it concludes by looking at God's mercy and considering who is greater.

All About Repentance

Turkish Title: Tövbe

Translation of  Title: Repentance

Author: İsmail Kulakçıoğlu

Image Turkish pastor İsmail Kulakçıoğlu helps us study this important subject:

"I believe that repentance means that a person turns away from thoughts and actions that contain rebellion towards God. Repentance is more than a wish or presenting a petition, and it causes a deep change in man's inner heart, thoughts and deeds."

Introducing You to the Person Least Understood in the Bible

Turkish Title: Kutsal Ruh Kimdir?

Original Title: Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Author: Derek Prince

Image This is a clear and quick read about the Holy Spirit. It breaks down who the Holy Spirit is and also the relationship between the Spirit and believers in Christ.

The book is written in simple terms. So it is very easy to understand, making it an excellent guide for beginners.

Power to be Holy

Turkish Title: Güçle Kuşanacaksınız

Original Title: You Shall Receive Power

Author: Derek Prince

Image Wouldn't you like to have someone who is always with you, gives expert advice, is constantly encouraging, brings comfort when you are sad, provides strength to persevere, delivers you in difficult situations, supplies all your needs, and fills you with power for living?

You can!

He's the Holy Spirit, and He is a special gift to you from God.

Rejected No More!

Turkish Title: Reddedilme İçin Tanrı'nın Çözümü 

Original Title: God's Remedy for Rejection

Author: Derek Prince

Image Rejection is an all too–common experience, but it can cause permanent spiritual wounds. Author Derek Prince shows how rejection is the root of many problems, such as substance abuse, difficulty with relationships, rebellion, and depression.

In our society, millions of people have experienced rejection. God has made a way to heal your wounds of rejection and bring you into acceptance with Himself and the whole family of God.

Adventures in the Bible for Children

Turkish Title: Kutsal Kitap'ta Yolculuk

Translation of Title: A Journey Through the Bible 

Author: Dale Yerton

Image Containing enough material for a weekly Sunday School or club lasting 3 years, this series of lessons for children takes us from Genesis to Revelation.

Each lesson is a double-page spread and contains a page telling the story for 8-11 year olds, then a page with a memory verse, a simple set of questions, and a picture to colour.