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Fullness and Freedom

Turkish Title: Koloseliler ve Filimon'un Mesajı

Original Title: The Message of Colossians and Philemon

Author: R.C. Lucas

Image Sometimes we try to add to the gospel our own recipe for spiritual fullness. Paul claims that all God's riches are to be found in Christ alone.

Fullness and freedom - -two aspects of Christian life that we all want to share. Paul wrote about them at length (and depth) in his letter to the Christians at Colossae, where certain new teachers were proclaiming that "mere Christianity" is not enough. There is, they suggested, a fuller experience, a greater liberation, than they had so far enjoyed. But Paul was adamant: all God's fullness is in Christ alone, and only through his complete work are we set free. 

God's Offer of Peace

Turkish Title: Esenlik Antlaşması

Translation of Title: The Peace Pact

Author: Engin Duran

Image What is peace?

Is it just the way we feel when everything is going fine?

Or is it also a gift that we can experience when we come up against hard and difficult conditions, or when we lose our hope?

And can we really have this gift of true peace?

"I am so happy that my brother Engin has shared this marvellous book with us his readers," Ahmet Erdem - elder Uluslararası Bodrum Lütuf Kilisesi

Longing For A Homeland

Turkish Title: Göklerin Kralı

Original Title: The Sky King

Author: Richard Ansoul

Image Richard and Ruth Ansoul listened for many years to the story of Crimean Tatars who were banished by Stalin in the 1940s.

These stories were told to them by those who were children at the time, or by the descendents of those deported.

It reminded them of another story, and of God's redemptive power to bring us all back to our eternal home.

Don't Be Deceived

Turkish Title: Tuzaklardan Korunmak

Original Title: Protection From Deception

Author: Derek Prince

Image How will Christians discern truth from falsehood as the end times approach?

According to Scripture, supernatural signs and wonders will multiply as we approach the end times. God isn’t the only one with a plan, however — Satan is plotting a scheme to deceive with supernatural signs and wonders of his own. When the Antichrist comes, mankind will be forced to choose between him and God — false church versus true church, unholy spirits versus the Holy Spirit. 

Intimacy With God

Turkish Title: Tanrı'nın Huzuruna Girmek

Original Title: Entering the Presence of God

Author: Derek Prince

Image "The harder I try to be good, the worse off I am!"

If that sounds like you, there's good news. Internationally acclaimed Bible teacher Derek Prince shows the way to victorious intimacy with God as he explains how you can enter into the very presence of God to receive the spiritual, physical, and emotional blessings of true worship. Learn the secrets of entering into the Lord's rest, fellowshipping with the Father, receiving revelation from God's Spirit, and conducting spiritual warfare. 


The Beginning of Wisdom

Turkish Title: Tanrı'nın Kutsamasına Giriş

Original Title: Gateway to God's Blessing

Author: Derek Prince

 Image The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the "beginning of wisdom" (Psalm Ill :10) and the "beginning of knowledge" (Proverbs 1:7). Proverbs 14:2 7 even calls it a "fountain of life'.

But do people really understand what is meant by 'the fear of the LORD'? Drastically different from the frightful trembling we feel in response to a threatening person or dangerous situation, the "fear of the LORD" is a deep sense of reverence and awe of the One who created us, loves us, and saved us.

Life is in the Power of the Tongue

Turkish Title: Kendi Kendine Konuşmuyorsan Delisin!

Original Title: You're Crazy If You Don't Talk to Yourself!

Author: Steve Backlund

Image Life is in the power of the tongue.  Proverbs 18:21

Jesus did not just THINK His way out of the wilderness and neither can we.  HE SPOKE TRUTH to invisible beings and to the mind-sets that sought to restrict and defeat Him.  
This book will help you do the same.

Songs For the People of God

Turkish Title: Mezmurlar'ın Mesajı

Original Title: The Message of Psalms

Author: Michael Wilcock

Image A practical and readable introduction to the Psalms which effectively unfolds the text and meaning as songs for the people of God.

The book of Psalms is a favourite of Christians, even though we frequently read it in portions and pieces, hopscotching through the familiar and avoiding the odd, the unpleasant and the difficult. But though the individual psalms arose from an assortment of times, experiences and settings, the book is composed in a deliberate pattern, not as a random anthology. The meaning of the Psalms is discovered in this pattern and order.

The Tests of Faith

Turkish Title: Yakup'un Mesajı

Original Title: The Message of James

Author: Alec Motyer

Image As a good communicator, James addressed his readers directly and pointedly with vivid images from ordinary life and attention-gripping statements. This rich exposition brings James's letter to life for today's reader.

This book powerfully brings out James's memorable themes - the link between enduring trials and maturity; the question of perfection; the good gifts of God; faith, works and Christian concern in a world of human need; the implications of careless and evil words; the meaning of war; the church and healing; confession of sin; and the need for active purity in life

How to be a Christian Husband and Father

Turkish Title: Korkusuzlar

Original Title: Courageous

 Image With action, drama, and humor, the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures embraces God's promise to "turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers." Souls will be stirred, and hearts will be challenged to be ... courageous!

Courageous is an excellent faith-based film suitable for teens and older. Anyone seeking a quality faith-based film experience will be enormously moved by the heart of Courageous. Its message is so true and deeply felt.